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How to whitelist our campaign manager servers

If you are having trouble either receiving your own emails or accessing our software, you may want to ask your IT team to whitelist our IP addresses.

Campaign Manager IP addresses

The best option with regard to whitelisting can depend on what you are willing to do, many clients find that whitelisting all IP addresses could be very administrative and prefer to whitelist our domains.

Our current sending domains to whitelist are:

In cases where you need to whitelist in order to receive email from our servers but prefer not to, or are not able to whitelist everything we’re sending, it’s pretty common for mail administrators to set up custom rules within their email filtering software so that emails which match both of these conditions will be accepted (and all others rejected):

  1. The email contains one of our sending domains within the ‘Return-Path’ address
  2. The email contains your DOMAIN domain in the ‘Friendly From’ address.

There is very little likelihood of someone sending from our servers and using your domain in the Friendly From address, so that’s generally an acceptable solution for mail admins.

We use one of these domains in the Return-path:

Download our campaign server IPs